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Horchata Reviews

Here you will find a review of the quality and impressions of Horchata. The sugar used is often Mexican, which is a bit unrefined and raw, with more of the natural molasses left in. I will rate the recipes I try, and let you know how the store-bought versions taste.

Product Image Description Cost to Prepare Rating
Crystalized Vanilla This is pure vanilla. The aroma is heavenly! They mix it with a little sugar for crystallization. One base ingredient in the Horchata Powder. 5.50 Scents the house
Chufa nuts Chuffa Types AWEthentic and tasty. There is a slight acquired taste factor, but it blows everything else away. 1/2 Gallon 5.00 Awe inspiring
Chufi chufa This is Chuffi brand pre-mix. Does not remind me of Chuffa nuts much. Too sweet, had to water it a bit. 3.00 Good to try once.
Bag of Almonds Almond Types Horchata (recipe version) is expensive! Yikes! But if it is strong and mean.. Wow. All Natural - 1/2 Gallon 4.00 Awesome
Powdered almond mix Almond drink mix powder. This is hard to find, asian grocer stuff. 1 gallon depending on the ratios. 4.50 Undrinkable
Powdered almond mix Almond drink mix powder. This is also asian grocer stuff. Engrish label statement!1 gallon depending on the ratios. 5.00 More Undrinkable
Rice Rice Types I like short grain rice personally. Prepared to recipe, it is cheap and tasty! 1/2 gallon 1.00 Excellent
Rice powder Rice flour. I have worked with several sources to get the best quality rice flour. I prefer Jasmine or Calrose for the new powder.. .50 Flour is cool
Aries sweetened Powder Aries powder, Rice Flower, Cinnamon, Mexican sugar (not as refined, but yummy) and alas.. artificial vanilla. This refuses to dissolve. At least double the formula, and it is drinkable. - A gallon 1.59 Nearly drinkable
Aviles flour plus Powder Aviles powder, rice flour, cinnamon, and alas.. artificial vanilla. Unsweetened from Hermosillo Mexico same as above. Add sugar for several gallons. 2.50 Almost Drinkable
Del Tropico Powder Del Tropico powder, Natural and sweetened. This one suprised me. Fave powder so far, but pricy. Two gallons. 4.00 Good
Juanita's Mix Fine stuff, not as good as my mix. Packaging looks good. 3.80 Good
Rosas Pre mix Rosa's Premix sold in the fridge section. Lasts longer than most powders when mixed. 1.60 decent
Don Jaun cold drink Don Juan pint size fridge. Made in Phoenix. It tastes VERY much like milk. American style vanilla. Way artificial ingredients (soy,rice). 0.87 Good
Fiesta concentrate mix Fiesta, substitute concentrate until i find fresca-carribe. More mexican vanilla, slight chemical twang. A gallon. 3.00 ok
Clown Mix Clown powder mix. Not bad, reminds me of Del tropico. Cheaper, and not just in price. Comes from Cali, disguised in spanish. 1.00 OK
Frutier Powder This is named well: fruitier. You would have to be fruity to drink or taste this stuff. Weak and blah with chemical twang. 1 qt powder 0.25 Forced to taste it
Klass Yuck. They need to go back to Klass, or change the name to Krass. Way too weak. Like skim milk on a diet of chemicals. (and more is NOT better) 1 qt powder 0.25 Wanted to call the Hospital

The following section contains locations by city I have tried. Basically driving to each listing in the phone book, and ordering one taco or burrito and one horchata. ^__^ Silly fun stuff rules.

City Location TRY these Avoid these
Sierra Vista logo Sierra Vista's best Horchata: La Casita is awesome. Real taco is real, not a mix! Rudolfos has fiesta concentrate Poco Loco, they have gone cheap. (smaller portions, shredded chicken instead of breast.) The mix is weak. Filibertos: eeew.
Tucson Tucson: many choices, little money/time. Try these: Taqueria Pico de Gallo, Maya Quetzal Filibertos(blah) Los Betos(only if it gets hot enough). Basically avoid anything ghetto.
Albuquerque Sonora style mexican is hard to find in Albuquerque. Best food and value is Taco Cabana, and you must taste the beans! La Super Rica, La Parrilla and El Norteno were pretty good real horchata. Did not like Gerdunos, or anything that is NEW mexico style.

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