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New: The Freezepop cd fancy ultra•fresh is ready. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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Production has gained quality, the songs are wicked cool. The vocals are more mature and developed, and the guys' work shines out better. (emotions & photons) Liz still rules, and there is a sad song to break my heart. (outer space) The tribute to Red Green is there also (duct tape) lol. Be certain to check out the multimedia portions of the cd - the stakeout video is a well timed masterpiece!

Alas, I also received the latest gregorian masters of chant cd. Number three was the magic number for them. Four is right out.

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There is a psychic link between the freezepop colors and the gregorian cds when arranged in the order that I like them. (right=greatest) The fourth cd (green) approached the popular edge too much. They sound younger, with more highlight on individual vocals and soloists. More up to date music selection, but all of this serves to estrange me from them. Chant is about a team sound. It is about the sum being greater than the parts. Get chapter three first. (yellow) On it you will find synthpop covers like Voyage Voyage, Ordinary World, Blue Monday, a blasphemous Depeche Mode song.. and the other songs are very well done.

Moenia is touring the southwestern USA in May! Phoenix was a venue on the list, so I got all psycho happy. Now it is gone, so it looks like a long drive to San Diego or Texas somewhere. Notice the spooky color scheme match at moenia's site? This can't just be a coincidence.


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