Moenia self titled cover imageMoenia - Moenia
  1. Estabas ahí
  2. Ya nada que hacer.
  3. Déjame entrar.
  4. Contigo Estaré.
  5. No importa que el sol se muera.
  6. Color Melancolía.
  7. No puedo estar sin ti.
  8. Terminales.
  9. Metamorfosis.
  10. Ya me acostumbré.
  11. Estoy tan cansado.
  12. Tolerancia cero
Adicion cover imageMoenia - Adicion
Le Modulor cover imageMoenia - Le Modulor
Televisor cover imageMoenia - Televisor
  1. All Lyics, TWO translations

Morbo cover imageMorbo - Homonimo
  1. Ya pasará
  2. Enséñame
  3. No es lo mismo
  4. Hoy
  5. No me encontré
  6. Por tí
  7. Falaz
  8. Acércame
  9. Se me acaba
  10. Tengo de tí


NEW: Morbo new CD electroguitarpop is very close to being released! YAY!

Morbo (official site) and Moenia (official site) have to be two of the most under-appreciated Synthpop groups. (at least in the USA) Few could imagine that deep in the heart of Mexico there exists such a strong synthpop movement. All I ever thought about Mexican music was the cheesy oompah mariachi accordion polka stuff. Radio waves drifting across the border have forever altered my perception.

I have compared the 90's - 00's scene of modern music in Mexico with our eighties music. A true time of inspiration. Technology is invading Mexico and the younger folk are using it properly, by making Synthpop music! (What else is there to do with a computer?)

Moenia is basically the revived spirit of Cause and Effect, mixed with Mid-Career Depeche Mode, and updated equipment. The stereohits or stereo hits cd rebuilds some good early synth type hits from Mexico.

Morbo is so similar you will think it is Moenia. There are traces of a more mature, soulful sound. The lyrics and melodic meaning come across much richer and more complex. Content is by Juan Carlos Lozano who leads the edge of synthpop (tecnopop) in Mexico. He was a co-founder of Moenia. There seems to be debate online about what his name is. One review I read has "Javier Lozano" and another claims "Alejandro Lozano". Hmm. I have it on good authority that the name of Morbo's lead singer is indeed Juan Carlos Lozano, not Javier. However, there is a Mexican director whose name is Alejandro Lozano, and happens to be Juan Carlos Lozano's brother. He also co-wrote some of the tracks in Morbo's first cd, and directed one of Morbo's music videos.

The word Moenia, from what I can gather, is a latin word which means fortifications, or Castle walls. It technically has the run together letter Œ œ so it should be written Mœnia. This is just plain bad for the search engines.

The word Morbo is spanish, and has several meanings. I think the mood of the music fits the gothic undertones of the word, like a thrill or morbid curiosity. Careful! A slang meaning of the word is "turned on". Don't be suprised if you get vulgar results from a search engine using this word, the music is not like that.

If you can only get one cd to try, I recommend Moenia - Adicion or Morbo. Le Modulor did not really speak to me (and also may never get me curious enough to try translation). We will see. Please do not steal my work. Translation is way hard. On the other hand, if you are fluent and want to shine them up, I would LOVE the suggestions.

This links on the left provide lyrics and English translations of the Spanish lyrics. The English translation part is less than adequate, as I am not very fluent in Spanish. I probably owe Moenia and Morbo an apology.

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