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Who is Popsy (Evin)

What a wacko.

So who is this wacko? Popsy (Evin) was born and grew up in the shadow of the mountains in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The music was all out of hand at the time, fortunately for me I was too young to remember most of it. Growing up in a small town provides little for a young, slightly twisted sap to do. I mostly practiced reverse engineering on various animate and inanimate objects at an early age.

High school was a real bummer, being the geeky nerdy brainy pick-on-that-one type. I drowned myself in reading every Sci-fi and fantasy book in the school and public libraries. (about 14 per week.) I worked hard to fight such evils as Mayonnaise, Country music, Divorce, Satan. School was boring also; I gave far greater interest to inventing potato guns, causing mental duress for the local stray cats, and noting the peculiar merits of flammable objects.

In the back of my mind there was this love for a certain kind of music. I had no idea what it was called. Thanks to my technical savvy I used high powered copper reception to escape the toilet torture music that our local station pumps out. (K101 has been the ONLY station other than country music for at least 25 years).
News flash: British pop saves troubled teen from country music.

The dancy melodic songs of groups like Cause and Effect, Information Society, Yazoo, or Depeche Mode would dominate my listening palette, while also having the technical ingenuity to engage higher intellectual consideration. At the time such songs were called "alternative" and "new wave". Now those terms mean nothing. The closest term to narrow it down is "synthpop".

The name Popsynth.com came from this refined music taste. Finally those songs like Promises Promises That I heard twice in my life and totally loved could be identified and located. Thank you Internet! I have spent years of my life collecting and promoting this form of musical art. Some day I will complete the CD that is in my mind, scattered in my computer, and floating in the heads of some other musicians I have yet to hook up with.

Let's see.. what do normal saps put on their about me pages...
Hobbies: Linguistics, Ride an ATK 605 enduro, DDR, Anime, Japanese and Hong Kong cinema.
Fave colour: fluorescent orange.
Idiosyncracies: Hate coffee but drink it. Always change hair/beard styles. Almost never do anything in a pattern. (e.g. which parts to wash in the shower in which order, or at what time to eat/sleep)

Pointless factoid number 2873.5b: Evin is really Erin. Says so on the official birth certificate! (this is cool because I know any mail addressed to Erin is junk mail like social security papers and jury duty and stuff.)

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