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Dance Platforms

1. Draw YOUR design. I think the first step should be to measure your foot and weight. This design seems too small for me (6'4" 250 lbs) so I will be building a slightly bigger one later. These two will be standard size. (hopefully) The arcade steps are 11 inches, and overall platform is 33 inches. I drove 170 miles to measure one.
made a template First I purchased everything I could, which was really cool because a Home Depot just opened in town and most things were in stock. I decided that this "foam core" was right out since it was too flimsy and stayed compressed when squished. Therefore this became my wood template.
wood I got squares of 3/4 inch wood cut by one of the local saps. (duh) So they were not very square, and at 10 7/8. Waaah. Now I had to carefully trim them to the closest square size which left about 10 3/4 squares. Should I waste the whole lot and start over? sigh.
brush wood Ok, now at least they all line up properly, and we brushed off little floaties during this whole process to keep from scratching anything.
metal flash I chose the metal flash in a roll. The flat sheets of metal had huge zinc formations and this looked smoother (it was much cheaper). Plus it was already 12 inches wide, so I only had to cut peices off. I think for the frame structure the aluminum would have looked better, and would have been lighter. But oh well..
tons of brackets While we are on the subject of materials, here are the WAY expensive brackets. There are 16 packages for TWO pads. I paid 2.70 each. I thought about ordering online, but with shipping and waiting it was not worth it. The pegboard is in the background, and naturally the teddy bear is important! (And now it is bedtime.)

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