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Dance Platforms

Heavy Metal on the wood For this part I was outside, and filthy, so no digital camera for me. I basically do not understand why the screws go into these, but the arcade machine has them also, and the arcade screw heads are much larger. I decided to glue my 12 inch metal squares to the wood blocks. I used construction adhesive like liquid nails, and smoothed it around so no large buildup happened. Stacked them and let it dry overnight.
cutting corners The corners must be cut for folding the sides. Be careful to get it right, if you go too far you may end up with sharp things to rip your socks off. And not enough cut they will bunch up.
corner wrapping Notice my cool cutters? They have a three inch bite and compound action. I ended up loving these. Fold the tabs over by a soft rubber mallet and an ounce of patience. On this picture two sides are folded already.
corners on The corner brackes are tricky also. The bent metal flap is not attached to the wood on the sides, and you have to drill small holes through the wood for the screws. Use a nail to punch through the metal. 1/16 is too small of a hole, and came close to splitting. I used this one till it broke off IN THE WOOD! Then I used the next size up. Which I also BROKE OFF! What a sap I am. This bracket is hanging upside down to show the red mark where I drilled. I lined up the bracket flush with the top of the metal.
screw up While we are on the subject of problems, the DDRHomepad recommends using 1 inch screws. When you are screwing the two brackets on one corner, and also for connecting them together they are too LONG! I knew I heard wood splitting.
proper screw So you may want to use a smaller screw on one side of the ones with two holes close to each other. I just forced mine together with screws hitting each other and not going in, and had all kinds of problems. Also note how I numbered each corner with its mate. Later on it made things a ton smoother, as each space for the step arrows is a little different.

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