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Where to eat in Albuquerque, NM

The new too jazzy album.

Bobby McFerrin goes on tour, and plants us in the heart of ALBQ for a wonderful weekend! There is no way to accurately describe the talent that Bobby demonstrates in live performance. Most of the music is pure improvisation and interaction with whatever the crowd brings. Little kid songs, new age, wacky country western, or flawless eastern vibe, nothing is out of his 4 Octave range. Bobby's Website

El Taco Tote

So you have to eat in Albuquerque to gain the required energy for two hours of pure vocal heaven. One man, one chair, one microphone. New Mexico has the potential to be the greatest pepper and chili power on the northern hemisphere, but alas.. they are gifted with "New Mexican" style taste buds. There seem to be only a handful of actual "Mexican Food" places. We would spend a great deal of time in Taco Cabana which has outstanding puffy flour tortillas and fine not-from-a-mix rice horchata. Today all that has changed with El Taco Tote

It is the first day of opening, and we are first in line. In this "real" Mexican food joint you will find: Tortillas straight from the masa formed and pressed right in front of you for your order. Any of the wonderful Fajita and Adobada meat choices are flavored to perfection. At least seven vibrant salsa varieties, and a few to make even my eyes water a smidge. Fresh chips and fixings to make the taco everything you wanted it to be but were afraid to ask. I even spoke with a corporate leader and a couple franchise owners. Look for these to pop up everywhere.

The Frontier

The Frontier Restaurant is a local treasure. Across from the college on central is this big yellow barn done right. Watch the oranges roll into the juicer and give up their juices for the greater good. You will never be able to drink OJ from concentrate again if you sample this. Meals are large portioned, quality ingredients and served up quick. This is the way a restaurant should be run. Think 50's style smiling service. Come to think of it, it looks like it has not changed since those days.

What do you think, a thousand calories?

Much of the wall artwork is pioneer inspired and fits with the ole' barn approach. I love eating near colleges because the people watching factor is so entertaining. Three of these sticky buns in less than 13 hours is a bit much. Hearty and sticky, but could use a few pecans.

They have the coolest dresses.

There were no traditional dancers at any of these locations, but there was one at Blake's Lottaburger.



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