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Review of a Moenia Concert!

The CD their Finest work

Moenia goes on tour, and I get so excited I totally screw everything up as usual. Just can't be my fault. Cajun House renamed themselves to some horrible "Generic Venue" name. So I saw the word "house" on ticketmaster and just click away until the tickets are purchased.. for moenia.. in chicago.. House of Blues.. oops. The long awaited day comes. Where is Scottsdale again? I drive around blinded for almost an hour in the wrong direction. After beating the direction out of a nice convenience store worker (who also loves shoes with no laces!) I manage to drive to the correct location more than half an hour late.

The place was indeed right, indicated by the line of goth colored Hispanics. Our blacks and pinks were obviously correct attire. Occasionally a couple nerdy caucasians would wander into our line in their patent polo shirts and goofy smiles. Yours truly becomes a helpful Mr. Friendly to point them to the comedy club next door. So an hour after the doors were slated to open the line of depressingly colored Hispanics and one white couple (us) are let in. Here is the bloody battle to get in with incorrect tickets: the bouncers were less than impressive, slightly challenged in the vernacular and did not want to argue the matter much. Music 1 - Bouncers 0.

Don't annoy the crazy person

The House formerly known as Cajun is an awesome venue! Mardi Gras boardwalk like.. Cobble Stone floors, rails to lean on and open shop windows. Good thing too, since Moenia intended to hold to the fine Mexican tradition of being fashionably late (3.5 hours..) The opening group was a blur of trying to forget them still. To counter the silence some DJ climbed in the back and wrapped himself into the wire works. The ensuing mix of latin synthpop and electronica was astonishing! Never have I wanted a recorder and a decent command of Spanish more.

A side note here.. DJs are programmed at the Happy DJ factory to gradually turn up the volume over time. Usually this is mildly annoying, but think of the volume you could reach in several hours if they go unchecked. Spit wad earplugs as a last resort. Gum is just right out.

Some of the "honeys" from the crowd of about 200 total began dance contests out of sheer boredom. (Mexicans know how to party!) Put the cheesy opening act to shame without trying. Wait.. what is this? A cool looking guy about the size of Kurt Harland/Valequin comes wandering out on stage dressed in a sweet Mexican General style jacket. YAY for Moenia! The technological level of the show is astonishing. Huge flatscreen displays and a perfectly lit stage. Song delivery and timing with the stage presence was all perfection. The small nature of the place meant that we could get as close as we wanted.

Concert picture goes here.

There were others on stage besides the coolest lead singer twirling his mic like a six shooter. They kept the female backup singer in the back, I assume because she attacked her notes way too hard and needed a better monitor for pitch matching. The "cool" roper guitarist helped me understand the acoustic stuff. Astonishing mad skill. The English phrases strewn in surprised me. Evidently Moenia's command of our tongue is greater than I originally thought. Mingling with the crowd was nary impossible as they all assumed I spoke fluent Spanish and spent the whole time with their speech set on psycho fast slang phrase mode. Viva Mexico was a common plug and the traditional "bueno" shout fell on deaf ears.

All I could think about was how powerful this has to be in Mexico. How Moenia must feel performing with Pet Shop Boys to throngs of thousands there and coming to the USA for a few handfuls. After sticking out like a bright white thumb one of the newsies wandered over to find out why we had come. He had spied me singing word for word every note of the songs and was more curious when he learned I could hardly hold conversation in Spanish with a five year old. Good times!

Miss Gothic Boston

Miss Gothic Boston was not there.

More...<--- note: prepare your eyes for the shock of back to white.


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