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New: Dance pad design update

The wiring diagram has been added. Redoctane said they would never give it up. I am not fluent enough to understand the Lik-Sang Chinese. I just did reverse engineering to get it.

My new tiny PS2 came back from RMA. It was a BRAND NEW SEALED BOX! Sony is the bomb. Thanks for the extra controller and power cords.

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A pictoral review of Champions: Return to Arms

Champions, how many typos can you find

"Erc, kwick! Hit that baddie. My cold damage damage is not leveled up yet!"
Cold damage damage damage

"She sells sleek slick steel sleet."
Obvious word play.

"We are dying here.. What was it you wanted me to wear? Bread plate?"
Breat Plate?

"Never mind.. I found my turkey helmet.. BiirrrrrdMaaannnnnn"
Turkey at the helm.

Somehow we pulled it off.. The ankors were distoryed.
sp? Destoyed or Destoryed can't remember.

Someone at Snowblind thought spellcheck was just too easy..

The where to eat page now includes Tachos Tacos.


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