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New: Where have all the Information Society gone? (long time passes)

Where have Information Society gone?

We live in what is truly the Information Age with the dominance of the Web. Why is it so hard to find a group like Information Society?  I have followed the members, the car, and the musical style with keen interest.  I have yet to find one group remotely similar to them.  (and no, Acen 75 does not really count.)  Sadly, poetic irony has hit one of the greatest synth/sample bands to ever grace the Earth.  Read the lyrics of one of the very first songs by Information Society and you will understand:

In an age of video wallpaper and aural anesthesia,
Music has become a prostitute.
No longer is it a gift from the gods;
It has become a pacifier,
A tranquilizer, and a tool.
A tool to protect us from loneliness,
To entice us to buy and to keep us from seeing
How bad things have become.
At one time, music was a vital experience,
It was physical, emotional, almost religious.
Today music is just one more device
Used by the new sun called civilization
To control itself.

Bacchanale from the Information Society EP

Music distribution systems, giant record labels, and the RIAA have made it impossible for a heavy sampled music like that to be produced.  The amount of money required to pay the fees for using the samples is insane.   It is just no longer practical.  Paul Robb went on to form Hakatak and Bleep records.  Both of these ventures were awesome in their own ways.  I love Luminous when I am not in a frantic mood.  Think Tank songs are full of energy and vibe. These efforts are laced with early trip-hop ideas and thought provoking arrangements. They become something greater than the parts.  Seems some simplistic samples soar.

Kurt Valaquen / Kurt Larson / Kurt Harland knew this all too well.  Consider the following from the Peace and Love, Inc. Album:

Where would I be without all my toys?
Where would I be without sampled noise?
Where would I be without seeing you again?
Where would I be... without IBM?

Things have gone too far.  The cultural impact of music is in jeopardy. I can name song after song that never saw the light of day because of legal problems from a composer who has been dead for decades.  Taking up suing the fans, families, and children for liking the very thing you are trying to sell?   Suing boy scout clubs for singing Happy Birthday, or even motels for playing horrible music in their elevators?  The time has come for anyone who cares about music to speak up.   We must put a stop to this massive engine that has gone out of control.  It is hurting people.

Here are some ways to help:

Moenia is touring the southwestern USA in May - June!
Phoenix is back on the list!  Joy ^__^
Now what on earth do I wear to a classy jazz club with a dress code?

Tickets go on sale for the Phoenix June 5th Concert at 10:00 am Tuesday the 11th of June.


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