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Microsoft is as evil as we thought.

So you have an X-Box by Microsoft? and you leave it Plugged into power? *gazes in disbelief* Don't worry, since they have only had "30 incidents involving loss or damage" What does that mean anyways? 30 (injuries, burned down homes?) is negligible? Microsoft assures us we are fine.

You poor misguided souls

Following close behind McDonalds and the RIAA, Microsoft is on my list of evil entities without morals. I am weary of every computer I work on being infected with Trojans and viruses that exist simply because of IE being hammered into XP's leaky sieve of a core. My method for fighting the memory hog monster windows OS is to reload every 3-6 months. This keeps a Microsoft registry-dropping free system almost stable. Now with forced activation of XP every time I do this my options are over. I am doomed and shafted by the evils that be. Notice there is no option to "unactivate" my license every time I reload.

If you don't count fires and corporate kill lists , the true evils of microsoft are apparent in three large (and legally binding) policies:

  • Per-system licensing (IHV). This means that all computers shipped, not just all copies of Windows, are required to pay a fee to Microsoft. This eliminates all commercial competition in the Operating System arena. Vendors like Dell have to pay Microsoft to install someone else's OS. It very effectively hurt OS/2, for example. Linux is immune to this one, because Linux doesn't require payment of license fees. But that leads to:

  • Prohibition of dual boot systems. As described in "He Who Controls the Bootloader", Microsoft's pre-installation agreement (with system vendors) does not allow vendors to offer multi-boot options; if a system offers to boot into Windows, it must not offer to boot into anything else. That may be why Be was unable to get vendors to pre-load its OS, even if they offered it free of charge! Unfortunately, the Justice Department didn't allow Jean-Louis Gassee to testify on this at trial, and Jackson's findings of fact barely mentioned this.

  • Microsoft also prohibits the use of VNC (or any other third-party remote access software) with Windows XP.

You poor misguided souls

Conclusion: It is no wonder that the xbox logo looks like:
1. someone ripping the heart out.
2. An opening to the Gates of hades.



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